East Lake corridor traffic forum


The Council of North County Neighborhoods (CNCN) will hold a ZOOM meeting at 7 P.M. on OCT 19th.  The purpose of the meeting is to get input from residents along the East Lake road corridor regarding traffic flow and volume along the portion of road from Tarpon Woods to the Pasco boundary.

Comments and recommended solutions from residents will be appreciated.  Please submit your comments and or recommendations to johnm@cncnpc.org.  

We hope to have our County commissioner, roads dept. reps. and county administrator attend the meeting. Some of the issues to be addressed are solutions to heavy traffic, e.g.: establish reverse flow lanes during peak periods of traffic, widening to 6 lanes, establishing rapid transit lanes, as well as other possible solutions. Comments and recommended solutions from residents will be appreciated.

Pre-registration for this event is via the following link:


Following pre-registration, you will receive a link customized for you that you can use to join the meeting with a click of your mouse.  Please join us for this informative virtual get-together.

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